IMG_0350TL017359Armed and Educated Equals Responsible Firearm Owners.

At ALTAIR TV we create firearms training video courses using modern tactical procedures. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and current educational information available for responsible firearm owners. ALTAIR TV was founded by United States military combat veterans and award winning video producers.   Dreamtime Entertainment has been producing training films and Emmy Award winning national programming for 3 decades. TV program highlights include the commemorative 9-11 DVD “Fireboats of 9/11” from History Channel and numerous others. Today we join forces on a new mission to produce the best in firearms training today. We call that Tactical Training evolved.

ALTAIR Training Solutions is a full capabilities facility in the Florida Everglades and provides civilian classes and also trains law enforcement, security personnel and the military. They employ a talented group of military veterans to share those specialized skills in tactical training courses for all levels. ALTAIR TV is an offshoot of that effort to provide take-home video training workshops covering the core concepts presented in the ALTAIR training classes.  In addition we support many charitable organizations, including the 501(C)3 Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, helping wounded warriors with PTSD.  ALTAIR got its name from one of the brightest Stars in the sky and share its name Altair,  or “Flying Eagle”

We invite you to join us on this mission.

Fil "Cazz" Castaneda

Fil "Cazz" Castaneda

Chief Instructor

Cazz has over a decade in the U.S. Marines, achieving the rank of Captain. He was a commander during the USMC United Task Force efforts during Operation Restore Hope and the Battle of Mogadishu. His expertise as a master tactical firearms instructor includes stints as a Federal Air Marshall, Private Military Contractor, High Threat Dignitary Protection Expert and Nuclear Security specialist.  Cazz is actively involved in military training activities around the globe, and when not operating in those theaters, can be found on the homefront, teaching and training at ALTAIR.

Mid Banner Here at ALTAIR TV we set out to provide a video training course that combines that all-important survival mindset with those basic handgun manipulation skills. Skills that would benefit those that carry, law enforcement personnel and security contractors.  Cazz says, “If you knew you would be in a gunfight tomorrow wouldn’t you train differently today?” If you’re thinking about concealed carry or purchasing a handgun for protection, with this course you’ll get that important knowledge.  It will help you learn to shoot better and be more confident when you train on the range. You’ll receive a thorough presentation of proper basic tactical handgun techniques: that means real-world-defend-yourself  skills. Plus, in Tactical Pistol 1, we cover what you’ll need to know for the NRA concealed carry written exam as an added bonus. 

Find Out About Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs
ALTAIR Training Solutions supports the efforts of the 501(C)3 Guardian Angel Medical Service Dogs based in Williston, Florida. Angels was founded by executive director Carol Borden and a group of her volunteers. Each year ALTAIR hosts a fundraising effort to help pay for the PTSD training and costs to place these dogs with military vets. Enough is raised to place many dogs at no cost to the vets.  We need your help to continue to support Guardian Angels. The VA or insurance does not cover these dogs, yet they can and DO save lives. Visit Guardian Angels to find out more