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For Immediate Release. Dec 1, 2015

ALTAIR Training Vision is a new media company that provides video training courses for firearm owners, law enforcement, or those interested in learning more about safe handling of firearms. Founded by former US military veterans with the goal of employing fellow combat veteran instructors to teach techniques, methodologies and procedures on the civilian Homefront.

The first video course being offered is called Tactical Pistol 1, and it mirrors the company’s live classroom courses offered at their facilities outside Naples, in the Florida Everglades. Lead Instructor Fil “Cazz” Castaneda is a former USMC Captain, Air Marshal and Dignitary Protection specialist. This course offers a first steps, basic introduction to handgun usage, safety and basic handling skills. It’s aimed at those that may seek further instruction for Concealed Carry permits or for home protection.

One of the unique aspects of these videos is that the training combines fundamental NRA style lessons with military tactical strategies. Instructors are selected from the top tier of military, law enforcement and government agencies and these trainers teach modern combat proven procedures currently in use today. “These videos are intended as an adjunct to classroom training. ALTAIR Training Vision hopes to present the material within a framework called “Calmness Under Fire“. That is, learning to operate firearms safely through repetitive practice and training so they can overcome the stress and panic of an emergency situation by reverting to the muscle memory. We’ve developed a methodology we call “Training Vision” – We use animated visual cues and reinforcement of the material with computer 3D animation and visuals, so the viewer has better comprehension.”

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At ALTAIR TV we strive to promote the mindset of the firearm owner. What is that mindset? We call it “Calmness Under Fire”. That is, as a responsible firearm owner you practice safe, proper, skills when engaging targets in a tactical environment. Then, when in a real threat situation, you then revert to your training with instinct,  making sound decisions. That gives you the advantage .


We will strive to provide you with the most up-to-date instruction and tactical training methodologies from the best instructors. Those instructors have had combat experience in both Military, Law Enforcement and the Civilian sector. They have gained that hard won knowledge that only comes from real world experience. Some from our nations most elite military units. So you made the right choice.


ALTAIR TV hopes to provide you with flexible choices when it comes to accessing your premium content. We offer streaming video, video downloads to your device, mobile compatibility and DVD Video for those of you who which to add our training systems to your personal library. We will always explore the newest delivery methods to provide the best experience as you continue on with your training.

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